Friday, December 19, 2008

The Weepies

This summer, through a surprising turn of events, I received an iTouch. I know, it’s not quite as cool as an iPhone but it is a great device for listening to music, watching videos and surfing the web.

Over the past month I’ve done a lot of traveling: mission trips, family vacation, pastors meetings and moving daughters to college. The iTouch has been a real blessing – especially on a long flight from Budapest to New York.

Before heading out our daughter Kelli made sure my touch was loaded with music and video that she selected (though they let me pick a few songs). Thanks to Kelli I’ve listened to music I didn’t know existed, included a couple who sing with sort of a folk style. They call their band The Weepies.

I love The Weepies! So thank you Kelli for the introduction.

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