Friday, December 19, 2008

Kingdom Assignment

This morning we wrapped up the Insufficient Funds – All Sufficient God message series. As difficult as the subject has been, especially in such an uncertain financial season, it’s been a real blessing to teach. I’ve gotten lots of feedback from people letting me know how much they needed to hear what God has to say about money.

We concluded the series with the launch of something I’ve been wanting to do since coming to Grace. We invited volunteers to take part in a Kingdom Assignment. 55 people stepped forward and received a $100 bill along with the challenge to invest it in God’s kingdom and then come back in 90 days and share the story of what happened (it is part of a movement that began at Coast Hills Community Church in 2000).

Part of what I discover is that it’s fun to give away money.

There is something really cool about taking a stack of $100 bills and walking down a line handing them to people (some that I knew others that I didn’t).

I alos learned that God works fast.

I’ve already heard from two people that their $100 bill has doubled – one as soon as he returned to his seat. Maybe more importantly I received a great story of how two hearts were connected – one who received a Kingdom Assignment and the other who offered to pray.

We are called to be a part of the story and when provided the opportunity we are ready.

That’s the most important lesson I learned yesterday. As I was preparing the message I wrote in my notes:

It’s important to me that these lessons we are learning about trusting an all sufficient God when we are living with insufficient funds move beyond theory and into our lives.

We weren’t created to hear God’s story, we were created to be a part of the story and I was so encouraged by the response to the invitation to join an adventure with God.

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