Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the front page

Just before our first (of 6) Christmas Eve Service, one of our elders told me that he hoped that instead of it being a long night that it would be a long blessing.

That’s exactly what the next nine hours became – a long blessing.

The blessing continued the next morning when I opened the Houston Chronicle to discover their story about our Kingdom Assignment Adventure on the front page. It’s a little odd to find your own face on the cover of the newspaper. I wasn’t sure how to get additional copies without it seeming like I was buying my own picture (so I sent the girls).

I wish the Chronicle could have covered all 55 stories – each one is amazing in it’s own way. I also wish the Chronicle had mentioned that the idea began with Denny Bellesi back in 2000.

What I loved most about the article is that God got all the glory – not Grace and not even the Kingdom Adventurers.

If you missed the article you can still find it at

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  1. Hi Doug -
    Leesa Bellesi here... Co-Author of the Kingdom Assignment... just got your blog Google Alerted to us. Fantastic! No worries about the Bellesi connection. Like you said; as long as God's name is lifted high and He gets all the glory!... it's what it's all about :-)
    Hope to meet you and your wife some day. Do you mind us putting the article on our website under KA DNA? The stories are so encouraging. You can email us at
    God's richest blessings to you, your family, your ministry and your daily assignments for Him -
    Leesa and Denny Bellesi
    Kingdom Assignment International
    "turning heads and hearts into the hands and feet of Christ"