Friday, December 19, 2008


Last Saturday night Kim and I hosted a Christmas Party in our home for the Grace leadership (staff, elders and trustees). It’s and evening that always reminds me of how grateful I am to serve with such talented and dedicated people who most of all share a deep love for Jesus Christ.

As we were cleaning up after the party I found, on a table in our foyer, a little pile of change (coins). It was just a few nickels, pennies, dimes and maybe a quarter. I thought it was a little odd that someone left a pile of coins on the table. Then I found a second pile in the den and two more in the dining room. If there had been a pile in my bedroom I might have been a little freaked out – instead I’m just perplexed.

I’m wondering if this is a tradition somewhere – leaving around little piles of pocket change. What I am sure of is that Saturday night at our Grace Christmas Party – I was “changed!”

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