Friday, December 19, 2008

Hurricane Haircut

So everything is done that can be done to get ready for Hurricane Ike. We have a generator and plenty of gas to run it, a small window unit to keep one room cool, plenty of food and water and charcoal and batteries. We thought our bedroom closet was way too big to be practical – but now that its become the hurricane safe room it seems just right – maybe even a bit cramped if 8 people are in there tonight.

So everything is done except…. I wanted to get my hair cut before the storm came.

I have no idea why – a counselor could probably unpack this for me – but there is something about getting my hair cut that relaxes me and feels a bit like the final item on every check list is completed.

I don’t go to a fancy salon – just a chain place next to Krogers – which is good because I bet I go twice a month sometimes. I like my hair really short (as close as they can cut it with scissors – no clippers).

If I got my hair cut the wind and rain wouldn't be such a bother - though it's not like I have a lot of hair to begin with - I just like haircuts.

So everything is checked off the hurricane preparedness list, but I still need a haircut…

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