Friday, December 19, 2008

John Locke

I received a great email yesterday from one of our daughters in college telling me how one of her professors had misrepresented John Locke – something about a blank slate, tabula rasa. At first I thought she meant John Locke the character on Lost, but then I realized that she was talking about the 17th century English philosopher.

Her email reminded me how much smarter my kids are than I am. They’ve read books I’ve never read, have well-informed opinions on a wide-range of subjects and all three of them know how to get the music from the computer on to my iTouch (which for some reason I can’t figure out so I just live with whatever they download for me – though I have gotten good at charging downloads to one daughter’s iTunes account).

It is a bit intimidating to have three daughters who are so much smarter than I am but it does have me reading more in order to keep up. And I can always fall back on the fact that I know a lot more about the John Locke on Lost than they do (though actually understanding John Locke the philosopher helps to understand John Locke the Lost character).

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