Friday, December 19, 2008

Cross Fit

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:00 I am part of an exercise program called Cross Fit. I really like the name since my goal is to be “cross fit” in every aspect of life. I also like the program – it’s different every time and though it’s only 30 minutes it’s an intense workout.

For instance this morning we ran and did pull ups. One 400 meter run then one pull up followed by another 400 meter run and two pull ups followed by another 400 meter run and three pull ups… do you see the pattern? The idea this morning was to see how many times we could repeat that pattern in thirty minutes…. I’ve been exhausted all day!

I’ve discovered that friendships are the only thing that:

1) get me out of bed at 5:21 (which is what time I need to get up to be awake enough to exercise at 6) and
2) get me through the workout.

Without the encouraging voices of Terry and Dave and Roy and sometimes Katelyn cheering me on I would have quit this morning around lap three – actually I would have stayed in bed and missed the “fun!”

There are a lot of other encouraging voices that keep me going in the other parts of life where I am striving to be “cross fit.” Way too many to name but I am just as grateful for their cheering me on.

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