Friday, December 19, 2008

Church This Morning

We had church this morning – which was actually quite an accomplishment given that we had neither power nor water.

The rains that came early this morning added to the damage we received yesterday and flooded the roads all around west Houston. Driving to church Ben and I got the chance to play Good Samaritans and push a neighbor’s stalled car out of one of the series of lakes that Briar Forest had become (gratefully we were in my truck).

With rising water and no utilities in the building the smart call seemed to be to send people home.

Then around 10 about a 100+ people arrived all at once and the suddenly it seemed that church just started to happen.

It wasn’t a traditional service – nor was it contemporary – it was just church.

With Brian at the piano and Dave leading, we sang a hymn and then broke into circles where in small groups we shared our experiences over the last couple of days and places where we needed prayer. For our offering we offered our praise (instead of our money) to God, by sharing things we were thankful for this morning.

I shared a few thoughts about Jesus:
Being able to sleep through the noise of storms but
Awakes when His followers cry out for help and then is
Able to calm the storm with only a word.

It’s a great lesson for coping with the storms of life that are so much more damaging than Ike.
We closed with a song and then headed home.

This morning was a great reminder for me that church isn’t our responsibility. We didn’t have the resources to make church happen this morning – but God did – so we had church today.

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