Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why is God mad at me?

As we thaw out (and in some cases tow our way out) from Tuesday’s storm we have perhaps an even greater appreciation for what it means to find ourselves in places where we are out of control of the events impacting us.  Sometimes life can feel a bit like trying to control a car skidding on black ice and in those moments we may find ourselves wondering: “Why is this happening to me?”

That query is at the heart of a new message series we begin this Sunday.  In coming weeks we will be searching for answers to the question: Why Is God Mad At Me?

Perhaps you’ve asked that question during a difficult season of your life.  The Old Testament character, Job, asked it repeatedly.  Job experienced tragic loss, grief, financial ruin, failing health, betrayal of friends and perhaps most cruel of all – the apparent silence of God in response to Job’s cry, "Why?”

As we seek answers we will discover how to keep moving forward, weep with one another and hold on to hope. A recurring theme throughout the series will be how to trust God in the darkness.  In preparing for the messages I came across this challenging thought from the British theologian, Arthur Peake:

To trust God when we understand Him would be but a sorry triumph for religion.  To trust God when we have every reason for distrusting Him… is the supreme victory of religion.
Arthur Peake, The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament

If you’ve ever struggled to trust God, if you’ve ever wondered, “why is this happening to me” or if you’ve ever faced a season of loss or grief this is a message series you will want to attend.

It’s also a great series to extend an invitation to someone to you so that together we can be learning and sharing a better way to live (and to survive) in Christ.

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