Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You Snow Angels

I've loved seeing posted pictures of kids making snow angels.  Even more I've loved watching Mountaintop's Snow Angels at work.  As of just a few minutes ago we have been able to get all of our kids, parents and most of our staff and teachers home and now it’s time to begin saying THANK YOU to some of our Snow Angels!

Thanks to some awesome angel drivers (the ones I know of include Chuck Bates, John Bates, Fred Miller, Phil Salter and Philip Oswald) we have successfully gotten almost all of our staff who were stuck on the mountain home.

Thank you angels Laird Crump and the teachers who remained to make sure all our kids where reconnected to their parents (many who struggled all day to get there).  There are a few Chambers tenants who are also still stranded so thank you angel Willie Dillard who volunteered to stay to cook dinner and breakfast for those who can’t get home and to make sure the heat stays on all night.

I will certainly miss some names but to mention just a few of the many angels deserving of thanks:  Willie - along with Jeff Beard – have been amazing.  Chris Conner and Scott Mains turned the Student Center into a home away from home.  Kristen Oswald and Jen Crowell made the atrium a hospitality suite. LaDonna Rausch found toothpaste and toothbrushes – that was an amazing gift this morning. Craig Peterson made sure we got paid and I even learned how to make coffee (look out coffee bar team here I come)!

Mixed into that were hundreds of acts of simple kindness that reflect the Good Samaritan stories we are hearing from all across Birmingham.  I overheard (or was part of) dozens of great conversations and I expect we will have a few guests checking us out on a Sunday because they were our guests in the storm last night!

As we head into the evening there is much to be thankful for and much to continue to lift up in prayer.  Pray for staff, parents and others who, along with so many others, are still trying to make their way home this evening.  Pray for those whose only home is a shelter.  Pray for those who like our staff who are still “on the mountain” caring for someone else tonight.  Pray for first responders and all those serving to protect us. 

And finally as I look toward the weekend and the launch of our series on Job the verse I can’t get out of my mind is:

To the snow, He issues the order: “Go! Fall on the earth!”
Job 37: 6


Mountaintop Church Offices will remain closed Thursday.

We will open as we are able on Friday to make sure we are ready for Sunday. Sunday is a big day kickoff to a new series and we want to be ready!

Mountain Tots will be closed Thursday AND Friday.

After truly exceptional efforts Laird and his staff need to get some rest!  Mountain Tots will reopen on Monday.

PS - If you are stranded around 65 and 31 Mountaintop Community Church is still open for anyone in need.

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  1. Sounds like it has been very exciting there! You guys stay warm and keep loving one another!!

    Kelly Walker