Friday, February 27, 2009

Wisdom from Craig through Tony via Tweetdeck

This week Tony Morgan, chief strategic officer at New Spring Church was at the Catalyst One Day where Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel were speaking. Tony blogged the talks and the following quotes are statements Craig made – really good stuff:

"Organizations love to settle."

“Organizations settle into what is comfortable and safe."

“The longer you are there, the harder it is to break out."

“What got us here won't get us there."
(there’s actually a great book with that title)

“We can reach more by doing less."

"Do what we are uniquely called by God to do."

"We were just entertaining Christians from other churches."

"Why are we putting all these resources into something that isn't bearing spiritual fruit?"

"The only way we could do the things no one else was doing was stop doing the things everyone else was doing."

"What are you doing that you need to stop doing?"

"Make the necessary changes in order to further the mission. Make the hard decisions."
"We can't allow someone to hold back the mission of the church."

"You have to get to place where you'll say, 'I love the mission enough to make the hard call."

Then Craig was asked: “Do you make the hard call even if it will cost you families in the church?

“We’d better. or we're letting certain families hold God's mission for the church hostage”

"Create a culture that allows people to leave on good terms."

"If this isn't the place for you, go find someplace that is."

"Don't be afraid if they leave. You can grow when people leave."

"Limitations are often the breeding ground for innovation."

"People are going to die and go to hell. When you realize that, you can do things that you used to think you couldn't do."

"If you have what you want, you may not see what God wants you to see."

"Find someone one or two steps ahead of you and learn how they think."

"Make the decision no matter what the short term pain."

Tony, Andy and Craig and some of the people one or two (or three or four) steps ahead of me that I am learning from.

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