Wednesday, February 4, 2009

God on the move

There’s a great line in N. T. Wright’s “Simply Christian” (which I’ve probably mentioned before – but can’t get out of my head):

Wherever [Jesus] went, people were excited because they believed that God was on the move, that a new rescue operation was in the air, that things were going to be put right.

Here’s the thought I can’t seem to let go of (or better the thought won’t let go of me): God is still on the move, and the most amazing (and humbling) part is we are invited to be a part of God’s movement. The very thought of that is exciting and frightening.

And, I’m convinced, if we fully grasped that truth, it would change the way we approach everything that we do.

Our tasks today are not to: answer the phones, pay bills, balance the budget, plan worship services, develop communication strategies, sort Easter eggs any of the other activities that are on our desk.

Our task (because we’ve been invited) is to join in the movement of God, in the advancement and proclamation of His Kingdom.

Again, if we really understood that truth everything would be different:

We’d wake up in eager anticipation of being a part of what God is doing today and we’d hate to have to go home at the end of the day

We’d be less worried and anxious and more enthusiastic

There’d be less room for cynicism and more moments of celebration

Sacrifices would be hardly worth comparing to the joy of being Kingdom bearers

We’d pursue the sort of excellence that honors God.

And maybe most of all, we’d find ourselves in the midst of what God is doing and discover real peace and joy and what it means to trust God with everything.

One last thought (probably related somehow). In preparing for tomorrow morning’s Band of Brothers I came across a great line by F.B. Meyer:

Unbelief puts our circumstances between us and God. Faith puts God between us and our circumstances.

As we continue to pray for provision, protection, vision, courage and unity may our prayer be that of the dad who brought his son to Jesus: “Lord we believe, help our unbelief!”

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