Monday, February 16, 2009

Twitter 101

This evening I passed a small “mile marker” of sorts. I now have 101 “followers” on Twitter.

Not a very large number compared to some of the Twitterers (is that even a word) that I follow – some have followers in the 1000’s even 10,000s – so I’m quite aware that 101 is hardly a blip in Twitterland (again is that really a word).

Still a few months ago twitter, tweets and tweetdeck weren’t a part of my vocabulary. Now I use them constantly (and apparently tweet with greater frequency than the founders of twitter).

So here’s what the world of Twitter has taught me:

People are interested in people. I twitter some of the most random things, and enjoy reading random tweets from others.

The more I write the better I write and the better I think.

People love to share. Daily I’ve been directed to fascinating apps, blogs and articles I would have never discovered without the tweets from the twitter community.

Communication continues to change and isn’t likely to settle down anytime soon. I can only imagine what new words will be in my vocabulary a year from now.

I was pleased to note that follower 101 is a prolific tweeter and leading communicator whose tweets and blogs have been a great blessing to me, Guy Kawasaki. Guy and his family are members of the church I served in Menlo Park and his wife Beth and I were part of a team that traveled to Ethiopia in 2005. More importantly Beth (along with Tracey and Kim) was part of the genius behind 240 Faith Unleashed which is the genesis of Grace’s Project 180.

So thanks Guy for putting me over 100! Follow Guy on Twitter or visit his blog at

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