Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cooler Online

Last week a few of us were discussing ways to make our web presence, more reflective of the sort of fun people we are (it was a weird conversation – I get that). Our discussion reminded me of one of my current favorite country music songs by one of my favorite artists Brad Paisley. Brad sings, “I am so much cooler online…”

We decided that as a church we too are so much cooler online, on twitter, on Facebook, on blogspot, wherever… and we might as well admit it.

And while we are at it we might as well admit we are also so much cooler in our minds (or at least our memories).

Last weekend our guest speaker, Chap Clark, invited us to remember back to high school and where we might place ourselves on a “coolness” spectrum. He said he was tempted to have us line up by “coolness” rank (with 1 being ubercool and 10 more “pocket protector and calculator in the denim case attached to the belt”).

The “1’s” thought that sounded great – those of us on the other side of “5” not so sure (my family later determined that I was an “8” that married a “2”).

Most of the evidence suggests that we are both cooler online and in our minds. Consider my yearbook picture as a high school senior – ouch, not so cool.

Anyway, if anyone has ideas how to make our web presence more reflective of the sort of fun people we are that doesn’t involve photos from high school please comment!

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