Friday, February 13, 2009


Too often when I read a book I skip the forward – imagining that the forward isn’t the reason I purchased the book and I’m anxious to “hear” from the author.

However, today I went back and read the forward to Tony Morgan’s Killing Cockroaches. I’m glad I did! It was written by Andy Stanley and contains some amazing thoughts on ministry. Here are just a few:

Aren’t there days when you just want to stick with what’s familiar? It’s easier that way. The only problem is safety breeds contentment, which ultimately limits the need for faith. We have to find that place of healthy tension between being confident in our calling and knowing that we cannot complete the mission without God’s intervention.

I’m amazed at how we tend to squander God’s blessings given the certainty of His promise… Remember the parable of the talents? God rewarded the two men who risked it all… I think He desires to bless people – including leaders – who will put their faith into action and lay it all on the line.

Since reading those lines I’ve been asking myself where am I laying it all on the line and where am I settling for the safety of contentment. Am I attempting anything that would be impossible without God’s intervention?

Are you?

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