Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beast of Burden

Last week I was so overwhelmed by experience/information overload at the Orange Conference that I nearly shut down blogging and twitter.  As it all begins to process I am slowly reengaging.
I’ve been encouraged to start writing again mostly by
my friend Lynn who keeps bugging me that she is tired of reading about Timmy (see previous blog).

I’ve discovered that Lynn is not a big fan of Timmy or of Lassie (that last part troubles me – who doesn’t love Lassie).  Her childhood memories are of too many rescues from too many forest fires – to this day she gets nervous around fire and barking dogs. Ironically, she owns a Miniature Collie that looks exactly like a scaled down version of Lassie.

Anyway – she is right and it is definitely time for a new post – so she even supplied the topic.

Lynn is a counselor and shared with me the observation that sometimes we are like camels – we let people load stuff on our back.  They burden us with things like “shoulds” and values and expectations.  Lynn suggests that we get loaded down with all these things and all we can do is spit (like a camel). I’m not exactly sure what that means but she’s a counselor – people pay her money for this sort of wisdom – so I guess it’s worth repeating.

I do agree that too many of us are burdened by expectations that aren’t always realistic and aren’t always healthy. (ever since Lynn shared that thought I can’t get the Rolling Stones out of my head):

I’ll never be your beast of burden

My back is broad but it’s hurting…

I’ve walked for miles my feet are hurting….

I’ll never never never never never never never be…

So here’s the question as we begin Wednesday:

How am I letting people burden me with unrealistic expectations?

Bonus question:  How many fires did Lassie rescue Timmy from?

Lot’s of thoughts on Orange to follow in future posts but at least now I am writing again!

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