Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Act of Witness

It’s become a fairly common story – the person in front of you in line (at a toll booth or Starbucks) anonymously pays for you as a random act of kindness.  This morning it happened to a member of our staff, Angela, while she was getting her morning Diet Coke at McDonalds.  As happens a lot, she responded to the gift by paying it forward and paying for the order of the car behind her in line (part of what I love about that is that Angela’s car has a big Clemson sticker on the back window – I hope the driver behind noticed – Go Tigers).  

I also hope the car behind did the same and that even now at the McDonalds on Westheimer people are spreading acts of kindness forward.

As Angela shared the story with me she commented that the person most impacted by this act of kindness was the McDonalds employee working the Drive Thru window.  He remarked, as she passed on the gift:

This is the sort of thing that makes it all worth it.

What a great reminder.

When we share Christ love, we are blessed, those receiving love are blessed but so are those who observe.

People are watching – which leaves a simple question:

What are they witnessing?

 PS: speaking of witnessing and thinking of Nike ads – I sure don’t want to jinx it and the LBJ is certainly talented enough to power the Cavs to come back from a 1 – 3 hole – but I am a witness to the Orlando Magic’s amazing resilience and desire!  Go Magic!

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  1. Do you think McDonald's also profits (beyond employee well-being)? I mean, how much $ do you leave for the guy behind you? Would the employee ever say, "Sweet! He left enough to get Angela her diet Coke AND an Egg McMuffin, but she only got the diet Coke!"
    This could be my criminal mind at work.