Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twitter 1977

I was 14 in March 1977 and finishing my freshmen year at Wando High School.  That seems like years and years – even a lifetime – ago.  Recently I discovered that the (what is the best adjective to use here… hmmm) Doug Gleditsch has begun a Twitter feed dedicated to 1977. 

Finally, a practical use for Twitter.

If you were around in 1977 and remember you will enjoy following @Doug Gleditsch and #TweetsOf77 – great (and not so great) memories 140 characters at a time.

Twitter1977: Dad in a bad mood--Gulf raised gas prices to 62¢ and it cost him over $10 to fill the tank today. At least he got green stamps.

Twitter1977: Caught new show "Eight is Enough." I'm not sure an hour of dad shaking his head in exasperation is going to be successful.

Twitter1977: But that "Nicholas" kid is going to be a big star for a long time. #EightisEnough

Twitter1977: Bugging mom to take me to see VIVA KNIEVEL! this weekend. Who knew Evel could do daredevil motorcycle stunts AND act!?!

Twitter1977: I'm going to pull for U of Detroit in this year's tournament. Their coach seems pretty crazy! Dick Vitalis or something.

Twitter1977: Saturday morning TV just isn't the same since they canceled "Land of the Lost." I actually miss the Sleestaks.

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  1. My wife will point out that the definition of "practical" here is "not going to make us any money."
    Thanks for the shout out!