Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A great Tuesday in Tanzania!

Our team set up at Medical Clinic at the church of Pastor Vomo (and his wife Mama Naomi).  On our first day we saw 30 kids and 48 adults.  The diseases treated included:  STDs, high blood pressure, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, typhoid, parasites, malaria, STDs and lots of respiratory illness.  Jason, Sylvia, Jameson, Natalie, Sherri, Cathy and Sue along with our Tanzanian doctors were amazing to see in action (and Cathy was working wounded after a little accident she and I had when I tossed her the soccer ball this morning - I really thought she was looking and her nose looks much better this evening)!

My most vivid image was a group of woman carrying their paralyzed friend to the clinic.  Though the doctors were unable to find a diagnosis (and Jesus wasn’t around to tell her to “pick up her mat and walk”) the picture of friends bringing a friend to God’s house for healing was powerful.  And thankfully they didn’t have to dig a hole in the roof!

The highlight of the day was praying with a young woman Aziza.  Recently divorced by her Muslim husband she told us that she “knew God but didn’t know Jesus.”  Thanks to Gwen she now does and I had the privilege to lead her in a prayer of giving her life to Him.  If nothing else happens this week (and so much already has) the week was worth it all to bring Aziza into the Kingdom!

Leaving Islam and becoming a Christian is a dangerous step so please keep Aziza in your prayers.

As always we had a great time playing with the neighborhood kids.  Lee Ann, Clayton and Lynn are truly rock stars when it comes to interacting with kids.  And Wayne showed some impressive moves on the jump rope!

As he’s been all week James is a rock holding the team together and tonight he added to our blessing by introducing us to Tanzanian burgers.  I think Masai Guys could give 5 Guys a run for it!

Yesterday we trusted in God’s plans and that He would rock! Today He moved in amazing ways and we are all heading to bed for a lala salama (good night’s sleep) resting in His plans!

PS : Lee Ann brought Auburn shirts and taught the kids to say “War Eagle” so Kelli Ferguson should be happy!  And please keep me in your prayers - tomorrow afternoon I begin a 3-day teaching seminar at the Bishop's church on sharing Jesus with our neighbors.


  1. Jesus WAS around... He just didn't tell her to get up...yet...

  2. Pastor Doug, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you so much for allowing us who couldn't be there to experience it through your blog!! I'm there in my heart & soul & spirit, and am continuing to pray for God's blessing on you all.