Monday, March 26, 2012

Catalyst One Day

An awesome 36 hours in Atlanta that included worship at Passion City (Louie Giglio and Matt Redman), dinner at Doc Chey’s in Virginia Highlands, midnight milkshakes with my daughter Jennifer and a day of being inspired, encouraged and challenged by Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel.

Here are my tweets over the past couple of days:

 Worship at Passion City w Matt Redman leading

·      marriage works best when 2 people are head over heels in love with Jesus

·      Louie's take on The Bachelor is hilarious

·      Louie's take on The Bachelor is also tragic and convicting - for 15 million of us

·      in our brokenness after the fall we can come with a reason for everything we do and a workaround to God's plan - but God's plan prevails

·      Don't b yoked 2gether w unbelievers. 4 what do righteousness & wickedness hav n common, what fellowship can light hav w darkness? 2 Cor 6:14

·      based on the message at Passion City there are going to be a lot of breakups in ATL 2nite - and a lot more people falling in love w Jesus!

Yesterday was amazing: Kingdom Assignments, Passion City Church, Doc Chey's and midnight milkshakes w Jennifer. Today Catalyst!

Catalyst One Day:  Introduction

What's going on in the culture of our organization? Cultural issues have to be addressed to solve number problems!

5 Inescapable Truths About Culture

1. Leaders shape organizational culture whether they intend to or not.

2. Time "in" erodes awareness "of" culture - manufacture ways to get a snapshot of culture - ask new people - staff - to evaluate us

3. Healthy cultures attract and keep healthy people. Unhealthy people are attracted to unhealthy cultures. Healthy people are productive.

The healthier your culture is the quicker you will discover the unhealthy people - low tolerance for poor performance.

4. Culture impacts long-term productivity. Healthy culture impacts the bottom line - 100% of the time

5. Unhealthy cultures are slow to adapt to change.

The healthier you are the more outwardly focused you become and more willing to change

God's Word and Faith are more than enough - in the right culture.

Catalyst One Day Session One - Values and Culture

Healthy cultures never happen by accident. They are created.

The #1 force shaping your culture is your values.

What we value determines what we do - Matt 9: 10-12 Jesus values people more than the Pharisees rules

Leadership exercise: Google "Chick-Fil-A Values"

If we value survival we focus on keeping people happy; tradition, the past; evangelism, the people not here...

How we allow values to shape our culture. 1. Determine honestly what your actions say you value.

2. Identify the values God has put in you. Don't try to be someone else
Craig Groeschel "be yourself - I tried being Rick Warren but I'm too accidental - Joel, but I'm not that happy"

Remove people with distinctly different values.

3. Narrow down your values to 10 or fewer (7 better, 5 even better)
Hire and recruit for your values.

4. Once you define your values share them in short - tweetable - statements that move you emotionally and to action.

What do you passionately love? What breaks your heart?

5. Shape your culture and build your people around your values. Lead toward your values the future depends on it.

Write values on hearts not walls

If you don't like where you are going - change direction!

Quit whining, you're sharp ( and empowered by the Holy Spirit - so quit whining and fix it!

To reach people no one is reaching you have to do what no one is doing Craig Groeschel

Session Two Building A Healthy Staff Culture, Andy Stanley

The local church should be the greatest place in the world to work!

THE thing that WILL create a healthy church culture is MUTUAL SUBMISSION - the most powerful relational principle

How do we create a staff culture characterized by mutual submission?

Every time you add a title you add distance

“not so with you....”  and “for even the Son of Man...”. powerful phrases from Mark 10

1. Healthy and productive staff cultures are characterized by mutual submission.

a. The message: I'm here to facilitate your success.

b. The assumption: While our responsibilities are different we are all essential.

c. The question: What can I do to help?


Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. don't be fair - be engaged

Systemize top-down service

Create and maintain a sustainable pace. Without margin there is no room to serve. Without margin we seek first our kingdom.

Confront your ego. Decide what's more important a great organization or a name for yourself

Drop the term loyalty from your vocabulary - if you ask to ask for it you can't get it! You have to earn loyalty.  If you ask to ask for it or demand it or have people sign a document pledging it, YOU are the one who lacks it.

the thing that undermines mutual submissions the most is when some people believe they are anointed by God and therefore more special...

if you serve your volunteers and work to facilitate their success they stay and recruit others

Public loyalty equals private leverage @AndyStanley

Design your worship services for who you want to be there @AndyStanley

Catalyst One Day takeaway - got to get some of them armor bearers..... NOT!

@louiegiglio the local church is still THE plan

@louiegiglio leadership is answering the question: Who did I give a BLANK about today?

When we look through the lens of our existing models we limit our possibilities #catalystoneday

Session Three: Creating a Culture of Self-Awareness - Craig Groeschel

Those who don't know don't know they don't know  - we are incredibly vulnerable to self-deception

The problems you don't know about are the problems you can't fix

The higher you rise in any organization the harder it is to get people to tell you the truth - and no one lies like church people

3 Principles of Self-Deception

1) we as leaders have a limitless capacity for self-deception

2) the longer we believe lies the harder it is to hear truth - For in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin.

3) the leader's lack of self-awareness is the leader's greatest barrier

·      Quit blaming other people by saying "our people won't" - accept responsibility "we haven't lead them to" @craiggroeschel

·      When you delegate tasks you create followers. When you delegate authority you create leaders @craiggroeschel  

Uncover the truth about you –

1) PRAY- Psalm 139: 23 - 24

2) LISTEN Proverbs 15: 31 -32 listen to life-giving rebukes @craiggroeschel

a) build a team that craves and gives helpful feedback  - set the tone as the leader by giving and receiving feedback

b) implement annual 360 evaluations (anonymous) for every team member

·      What is God trying to show you that you aren't listening to?

3. CHANGE - James 1: 22 - don't just listen and deceive yourself - Do what it says! Change!

·      Don't let your work for God replace your heart for God @craiggroeschel #catalystoneday

Churches need our leadership more than our preachership @craiggroeschel
(take 2 Sundays off between series)

North Point Band playing Freebird - thank you Maury Hurt for the introduction!

Session 4 - Creating A Come And See Culture: Andy Stanley

@AndyStanley "we are unapologetically attractional so that people will want to come and see - and then come back".

The clearer the target the more likely you are to hit it. Clarify the win! @AndyStanley

You are known in your community by your programming. @AndyStanley
The leader needs to define a great program environment

3 Essential Ingredients

I. An Appealing Setting - every setting communicates something - there are no neutral physical environments

·      Make your environment look like what's important to you - don't settle for what is looking tired - Be proud of everything on your campus!

·      If you have to clean your car every time you give someone a ride - you can't see a mess

·      Periodically we all need fresh eyes on our ministry environment

·      "the sermon begins in the parking lot" - because we are expecting guest - people know how to park!

·      Design, decor and attention to detail communicate what and who you value the most.

·      Disorganization communicates that we don't care and we're not serious about what we are doing.

II. An Engaging Presentation - we are in the presentation business and the unique responsibility of the church

·      18 - 25 years don't go to church because they used to go to one - think about that... @AndyStanley

·      A relentless commitment to engaging presentations at every level

·      Great Presenter + Great Content = a Great Presentation

·      You need engaging presenters or an engaging means of presentation

·      The audience's attention span is determined by the quality of the presentation

·      Presentation makes content interesting

·      Whatever standard of excellence you adopt as a church will determine who you attract

·      To engage is to secure one's attention - zero tolerance for bad presentations. We are not going to bore anyone & we will sacrifice 1 for the many

III. Helpful Content is useful and directly addresses thinking and/or living.

·      All scripture is inspired its not all applicable at every age and stage

·      Content should be age & stage of life specific. Content that does not address a felt need is perceived as irrelevant & just doesn't stick

@AndyStanley & @craiggroeschel inspired and encouraged. Grateful for the recharge and challenge to build a better culture

@AndyStanley awesome 1 last thought: maybe you need to stop doing something so that you can only do what you can do well

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