Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bwana asifiwe!

Bwana asifiwe!

Praise the Lord!  It has been another day of God on the move and rocking us with His plans!

We began back at Suye EAG church with a Medical Clinic.  While our medical team went to work seeing nearly 100 patients those of us less blessed with healing gifts entertained the neighborhood kids.  We taught a version of baseball/stickball with a couple of found sticks and a whiffle ball.  When we return I need to inform the Braves that I’ve located a few solid prospects.

By the end of the day our medical team was exhausted physically and emotionally.  Especially hard and touching were a blind 18-month old and a 12-year old boy with CP abandoned by his parents and cared for by his single grandmother.

During the day Wayne and I had a chance to visit the church of Pastor Simon Adams at Majengo (Kanisa La Majengo).  I love his vision Tunakoelekea (where we go from here).    Pastor Adams has a vision for being a missional (and I know that is a way overused word) church.  Kanisa La Majengo began in 1997 and has since planted 2 “daughter” churches. 

Our visit was to evaluate the possibility of a water-well at Mejengo.  Water in the area is unreliable, at best, and a well at the church is an opportunity to provide living water as they bring Living Water.  This is especially needed in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood.  The church is surrounded on every side by mosques and there is even a mujahideen training camp across the street!  We received geological reports tonight and will evaluating a possible well when we return to Mountaintop.

This evening began the 3-day seminar at the Bishop’s church Sayuni (Zion) EAG.  It was another powerful time of exuberant worship and I love how enthusiastically the congregation responds to teaching.  I am really having a blast.  For those who’ve asked about AG – it’s Assemblies of God – here EAG, Evangelistic Assemblies of God.  Some of my closest friends come from Assemblies of God churches.  I imagine they enjoy the fact that on Sunday I (with 20+ years of Presbyterian heritage as my background) preached on the Holy Spirit in an Assemblies of God church in Arusha, Tanzania.  Both Sunday morning and tonight the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully and all we had to do was stay out of the way.

Tomorrow the clinic continues at Suye, a few of us will be attending the funeral for Ezekiel in Kisgono and the seminar will continue at Sayuni.  Tonight I challenged everyone to invite an unbelieving friend to join us tomorrow evening so please join us in praying for those invitations.

Whatever happens tomorrow I am confident that throughout it all God will continue to rock us.

To His glory!

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