Sunday, May 9, 2010

Words with Nerds

Recently my daughter Kelli introduced me to an iPhone game app – Words With Friends.  Basically it’s the game of Scrabble played between two people over their iPhones.   Since players alternate turns – and since you only play during the free moments of your day – a typical game can go on for days.  I’m actually in a game with Khartis, which we began on April 20 at 10:47 p.m. (and it’s her turn to play a word)!  You can also have multiple games going on at the same time.  Right now I am in a game with one daughter KMFerg, three staff members Khartis plus Aaaaasmith, and awadesimpson a few friends, Mhands, Mrichterweagle! CoolDadRichter, Merebear41 and LilRicher (you can tell this is big in the Richter home since 4 of my games are with their family).

Scoring is just like Scrabble – various points for different letters (vowels are 1 point – special consonants like J, Z and Q are with 10 points).  There are double and triple letter and word squares and so the game requires both strategy and vocabulary.

Most of all its an highly addictive game – especially if you are just a little competitive.  I find that "free moments of the day" might include - time at traffic lights, standing in line at Starbucks or even riding the elevator three floors (I said it's addictive)!

I didn’t realize how addictive until I played a word at 1:30 a.m. and almost instantly received a response from CoolDadRichter.  It was that moment that I became convinced the game isn’t Words With Friends – its Words With Nerds - and I'm one!

I wonder if it’s improving my vocabulary?

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  1. I play so I guess I know too many nerds as well.