Friday, May 14, 2010

Kelli's Graduation

I was in Clemson yesterday, where it seems like Kim and I just graduated so its a bit surreal that this morning I am getting ready for my daughter’s college graduation.  Later today our eldest daughter Kelli will graduate from Auburn University.

It’s been an amazing four years for Kelli (and yes she made it through in four – and without any summer school).  I’ve watched her faith, leadership and calling grow through her experiences and friendships.  She will graduate today a confident young woman, eager and prepared for the next chapters of life that await her.

Way to go Auburn and even more congratulations Kelli.  War Eagle!  (Clemson begin an home and home series with Auburn next year so that might be my last War Eagle for a while).

Graduations are the sort of occasions that tend to make me reflective.  This morning I’ve been reflecting on all the changes that have taken place in Kelli’s life and how those changes have shaped her.

Kelli was born in my hometown – Mt. Pleasant, SC – but since  her father was a wandering Aramean (Deuteronomy 26: 5) a hometown beginning wasn’t a hint at her journey.  Along my career as an architect and pastor she’s lived in Columbia, Orlando, Atlanta, Baton Rouge, back to Mt. Pleasant, Menlo Park and Houston.  She attended 3 different elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools.

At each stop she’s made friends, faced challenges (some at far too young an age) and grown into a remarkable young woman that I am proud to call my daughter.

I can vividly remember when we dropped her off her in Auburn 4 years ago.  Kim and I wept as we drove back to Houston.  I’m anticipating more tears today (I can already feel them beginning to well up) – this time they will be tears of pride and joy.

Kelli’s final semester at Auburn was back in Orlando where she was a Child Life Specialist Intern at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.  That experience was a vivid reminder to me of just how much she has grown and thrived during her Auburn years.  Next week she will get back to the job interviewing process (pray for open positions at Children’s Hospitals) but today is all about celebrating Kelli and God’s faithfulness in her life.

So time to go get dressed and head to the graduation and celebration.

Congratulations Kelli! 

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  1. Please give Kelli my love. So proud of my DZ sister!
    Tell all the girls hello for me and have a wonderful time celebrating Kelli!

    Love to all.