Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's just Mexican food

Today I had lunch with a group of men who are no longer interested in programs and committee meetings but who are all convinced that God is on the move and very interested in being a part of that movement.

We met at a Mexican restaurant owned by one of the guys (and just a quick aside: it’s great eating at a restaurant with the owner). This guy decided awhile back to use part of what God has blessed him with – Mexican food – to bless others. He regularly provides “teacher appreciation lunches” to local public schools with large populations of at risk students (he’s also encouraged his restaurant managers to do the same). I’ve noticed that whenever anyone shows appreciation for the gift he will typically shrug his shoulders and tell them. “It’s just Mexican food.”

What a great reminder that the everyday blessings in our lives can be used in incredible ways in the Kingdom – if we would only make them and ourselves available. What might seem to be small acts or blessings to us can make big differences in God’s economy.

By the way, it’s not just Mexican food… it’s really good Mexican food.

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