Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Below are the thoughts I shared with the Grace staff this morning as we got back to work after an amazing Easter

This Saturday months of preparation will conclude as I ride in my first MS 150 – a 180(ish) mile 2-day bike ride from Houston to Austin to raise support for Multiple Sclerosis. (
Jenny, Katelyn and David are also riding from staff along with a dozen or so Grace members).

Last Saturday I participated in a final tune-up ride – the 74 mile Katy Ram Challenge. It was my first time to be part of a large ride (several hundred riders). I discovered there’s a lot of excitement and energy when that many riders are together. My sense of anticipation for this Saturday increased as I tried to imagine the sort of emotion 12,000 riders will generate. Saturday’s start promises to be a festive occasion and I can hardly wait to be a part of it all. I am expecting to be carried away by the joy of the moment.

On Saturday we only ride half of the route to Austin, so Sunday morning we will wake up with a lot of riding still before us. I am told that the first leg on Sunday, which takes us through the hills of Bastrop State Park, is among the most difficult stretches of the ride. Just as I am anticipating being carried along by the joy and excitement of Saturday I suspect getting up Sunday morning and climbing back on the bike to be a challenge. But that’s what I and 12,000 other riders will do because, in a sense, that’s our job.

Last week at Grace was incredible. Thursday and Friday evenings were powerful. As I gave the benediction at Friday’s Life of Christ I was nearly overcome with emotion. Later that evening as I listened to our choir and pastors retell the story of the crucifixion I was captivated again by the depths of Jesus’ sacrifice. Sunday morning was absolutely glorious – I’d go so far as to say the best Easter celebration I’ve experienced.

Over four very special days there was laughter and tears. There were moments when we got everything just right and times when we stumbled just a bit (though hardly anyone noticed). Throughout it all I found myself constantly becoming caught up and carried away by the joy moment.

Now it’s Tuesday (and it feels like a Monday) and its time to resume the journey, because that’s our job.

My prayer is that as we get back to business we might carry with us the knowledge that the resurrection story doesn’t end on Easter morning, in fact that’s just the beginning. We live in the world filled with new potential and possibility. God is on the move and we have the privilege of joining in His Kingdom work.

Sometimes when I am on the bike, riding into the wind, with my 46 year-old knees feeling the effect of the miles, it helps to remember why it is I am riding in the MS 150 – to raise support for people like my friend Kelly who deal with the pain of MS each and every day.

As we continue the work God’s entrusted to us there will be head winds at times – and even sore knees (hopefully sore because we’ve spent so much time on them asking for help). It helps to remember why we are doing what we do. We are here so that the world might know love, hope and the life that is truly life – a life that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for all you did to help proclaim that life in glorious celebrations last week and for all you do to keep proclaiming it each and every day.

To the glory of God!

T Doug

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  1. I'll be praying Psalm 78:26 for us all! (out of context, of course)