Thursday, October 23, 2014

All In Exchange Prayer Guide

November  6 – 9 our Student Ministries is holding our third EXCHANGE WEEKEND.  It’s a weekend when students are encouraged to exchange the ordinary for something extraordinary.  The theme this year is ALL IN. One of the ways we can all be ALL IN is to beginning praying for the weekend right now.

We believe that the future of Mountaintop is dependent on prayer.  As Jim Cymbla has written, prayer is the engine that drives the church.  Our Student’s Staff has put together a Prayer Guide that I’ve posted below.  Please join me in praying for an extraordinary EXCHANGE 2014.

Monday, October 20
that lost students will attend EXCHANGE and will decide to accept Christ.

Tuesday, October 21
for our student staff: Chris, Heather, and Scott will make wise decisions about EXCHANGE.

Wednesday, October 22
that we will be able to find the right number of leaders to serve at EXCHANGE.

Thursday, October 23
that students will make a commitment to be at EXCHANGE.

Friday, October 24  
that God will change the lives of teenagers and adults that attend.

Saturday, October 25
as Heather Olivet prayerfully coordinates the host home organization and that God will provide the right families to serve as host homes.

Sunday, October 26
that our theme verses, Colossians 3:23, will impact the lives of students.

Monday, October 27
that God allows safe transportation throughout the weekend.

Tuesday, October 28
that the EXCHANGE worship leaders, John Mccullough and his band, and EXCHANGE speaker, Justin Warner, will allow God to guide them as they prepare to lead worship and speak to students.

Wednesday, October 29
for wisdom as students are grouped together and assigned to host homes.

Thursday, October 30
that students will have boldness to invite their friends.

Friday, October 31
that leaders and co-leaders will have diligence as they prepare to teach the All In curriculum.

Saturday, November 1
that students who have not signed up will make the decision to register.

Sunday, November 2  
for other staff involved in weekend – media, facilities, kitchen staff, etc.

Monday, November 3
that Justin Warner will be used by God to speak truth into the lives of students.

Tuesday, November 4
that students who have not accepted Christ will be open to the gospel and that Christian students will be challenged to a deeper walk with God.

Wednesday, November 5
that leaders and co-leaders will be spiritually, mentally and physically prepared.

Thursday, November 6
that the Thursday night rally will create a desire in our students to hear from God.

Friday, November 7
that students have a great start in the host homes.

Saturday, November 8
that students will open their hearts and minds during the EXCHANGE sessions.

Sunday, November 9
that students will make decisions for Christ and that EXCHANGE will have an impact on the families of our students who attend.

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