Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Flood of Justice, Candy and Can Goods!

Sunday evening Mountaintop was invaded by the characters of the Lego movie, Thing One and Thing Two, Spidermen, Caped Crusaders of every shape and size, the Blues Brothers and enough Frozen Princesses to fill a parade.  Together with a lot of other costumed kids (of all ages) they knocked down our staff, made crowns, tossed rings and navigated mazes – with the brief interruption of a Flash Mob dance (if you want to relive that special moment check it out at Beat It  - password:  beatit)

But even more important this year Punk Your Trunk helped us be a part of God’s Flood of Justice as we completely filled the bed of the church pickup with canned goods that will help to fill the pantry at Oak Mountain Mission. 

Thank you to everyone who made a donation of candy or candy goods, to all who punked their trunks and those who made invitations.  Together we discovered what extraordinary things God can do when ordinary people make themselves available.

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