Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Super Cool Ministry Moment

I had a couple of much needed super cool ministry moments this afternoon that were great reminders of “this is why the church exists” and “this is why we do what we do.”  It came at the end of a long day of “foxes in the vineyard.”

“Jim” came by my office to share his story.  It’s a story I hear a lot, especially at Mountaintop, of addition and recovery and the struggles of each.  Jim is doing really well but finding himself at a place where he could use a little more support.

I immediately thought of a Narcotics Anonymous group that a couple of guys in our church began in September.  I told Jim that I would give his name and number to “John” – one of the guys who is helping to establish the group.

As I walked over to the main building for our Wednesday evening service the first person I run into is John getting out of his truck – my Calvinist friends call that providential.  I shared with John my earlier meeting with Jim – and here’s the part I love the most – John took his number, got back in his truck and immediately called Jim.

In Galatians 6: 2 we are encouraged to fulfill the law of Christ by carrying one another’s burdens.  This afternoon I had a front row seat to watch as John reached out to help Jim with the burden he’s been carrying.  It was a beautiful super cool ministry moment.

We’ve started noticing around Mountaintop the moments when God shows up and the moments when God shows off.  This afternoon in the parking lot I got a glimpse of God showing off as He reminded me this is why we are here and this is why we do what we do.

It was a simple thing in so many ways but perfectly timed and I needed that today – maybe you did too.

Also if you are someone you know needs an NA group - click Narcotics Anonymous

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