Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Better Way to Date

How beautiful you are, my darling!

Oh, how beautiful!

Your eyes are doves.

How handsome you are, my lover!

Oh, how charming!

And our bed is verdant.
Song of Solomon 1: 15 and 16

People have been expressing their love to one another and falling in love with one another for as long as there have been people – but that doesn’t mean we’ve gotten the entire dating thing figured out.

Last year there was a fascinating story in the news of a young woman in New York* who was struggling to make ends meet (NYC is an expensive place to live).  Then she discovered online dating.  For months she accepted dates as a way to feed herself – never dating any one guy more than five times (she says she didn’t want to lead anyone on).  She’s either crazy or brilliant (or a little bit of both) but she definitely doesn’t have a grasp on dating.

This Sunday as we continue our Check Yes of No message series we will be looking at A Better Way to Date.  If you are dating, planning on dating someday or know anyone who is dating or potentially dating (I think that coves all of you) this is a message you don’t want to miss.  We will be looking at the story of one of the worse daters in history (hint: the story is in Judges 14) and learning from his mistakes.

And then Sunday evening join us for a Fall Marriage Event.  Boy Meets Grill begins as Doug “extra crispy” Ferguson (that’s me) and Willie “nothing but charcoal“ Dillard (our exceptional director of facilities) engage in a cookout grudge match (think Iron Chef meets Mountaintop).  Learn some grilling tips while watching Bobby Flay’s personal heroes grill in a no holds barred, BBQ to the finish, grilling competition.  After the competition, Doug (winner or loser) will lead an engaging marriage discussion and then at 6:30 encourage everyone to leave their children in the capable hands of our childcare staff and go out on a date.  All children must be picked up by 9:00pm.

The competitors will be grilling all afternoon, but the official event starts at 4:30 until 6:30 in the portico and the atrium.  This will be a fun evening for married couples, dating couples or anyone who likes grilling.  Ticket for $5.00 a couple may be purchased in advance after and between services.

It’s going to be a great Sunday that you won’t want to miss and a great Sunday to invite your friends as we continue to introduce people to Jesus and a better way of living – and this week a better way of dating.

*As I was typing “New York” I was reminded of the struggles that our brothers and sister in the northeast are facing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and as winter is coming early.  I’ve been in contact with a pastor friend just outside of NYC to discover ways people might provide assistance.  Watch your bulletin this Sunday for information or contact our Compassion Pastor, Mari Beth Poor for details.

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