Tuesday, July 3, 2012

anything for a good cause

You’ve probably heard the phrase:

Anything for a good cause…”

Well here’s a good cause:  Getting Off the Mountain to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

And here’s the “anything:”  A 5K Mission Run (or walk or crawl or some combination of all 3).

The 5K will take place on July 14 in Helena (starting at the Helena Middle School). This is our first Mission 5K Run/Walk to help raise support for our worldwide Off the Mountain mission efforts.

I don’t like running – that probably doesn’t express how much I don’t like running – I REALLY don’t like running… but anything for a good cause, right?

So I’ve signed up to run, walk and maybe crawl 5K to raise support for to help us Get Off the Mountain.  You can join us. Just go to Mission 5K  or visit the Compassion Desk at Mountaintop on Sunday.  Everyone who registers gets a cool T-Shirt and the joy of helping support our mission efforts.

AND here’s an added benefit – I will provide free ice cream for everyone who registers AND finishes the 5K before I do (and that should be everyone – you could run in cowboy boots and beat me).

I know it’s hot and you may not like running any more than I do – but I promise it will be fun and after all it’s for a good cause.

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