Saturday, June 9, 2012

Words With Nerds Part 2

In May 2010 I began playing Words With Friends – or as I like to call it Words With Nerds.  I know it was that month because I posted a blog post about how much I loved playing the game.  For such a sporadic blogger I pick odd topics

Two years later, I still love Words With Friends – enough that I am blogging about it again.

I will confess that at times its been a bit of a distraction.  At times I’ve been guilty of playing a word or two while stuck in traffic and maybe there have even been times that I’ve not been playing close attention to the conversation because I heard that distinctive bell sound letting me know that it was my turn to play.  People say the first step is admitting you have a problem.

I’m not quite ready to take that step – but there are family members that might suggest I at least consider it.

Yesterday my most faithful (and frustrating because she always wins opponent) suggested that I expand my games by using the “invite your Facebook friends” feature.  I had no idea how many people that would include so I tried to limit my invites to those who had made a play in the last day.

I can’t think of a single Scriptural reference to connect to WWF – Ecclesiastes 5: 2 would actually suggest that I should “let my words be few  and I will try – but right now I just heard that little bell sound so I need to go…..

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  1. I hope you have room for another game, because I just started one with you. I'm definitely a nerd for Words :)