Thursday, June 21, 2012


I shared this in a post back several years ago:  “I never thought I’d be confessing this, but I’ve become addicted to a dance show.”

I’m still addicted (the first step is to admit it - right?)

It started back with So You Think You Can Dance Season Four (which is still my favorite “Four Real” [make sign on shoulder]). It began because we have a daughter who danced all her life and even began college as a dance major.  At first, I just watched along with everyone else – but it didn’t take long before I was hooked.  Before I knew it I was discussing the difference between Popping, Hip-Hop and Krump, and hoping that my favorite dancers don’t draw the dreaded Pasodoble or Quickstep.

I don’t have time for silly dance shows that attempt to turn football players and country music stars – SYTYCD is for serious dancers only and I even have favorite dancers (Twitch and Comfort both from Season Four).  I also now have favorite choreographers – obviously Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo but I’ve also learned to appreciate Sonya Tayeh.

I’m still probably a little less interested in who makes the SYTYCD Top 20 than I am in the OKC Thunder beating the Miami Nazgul (the Nazgul are the want-to-be kings in LOTR in search of a ring they would never have – that’s my hope for the Heat [though it looks like they will get one this year]).  But I am glad they were on different nights this week so I didn’t have to choose (choosing between the US Open and Game 3 was hard enough).
So anyway – every few years I should probably acknowledge that I’m still addicted to a dance show.  And FTR I don't think I can dance but I love watching those who canFour Real!


  1. I'm addicted too! My daughter can do so much of what they do on that show, but not me! I guess I live vicariously through all the movements. I am a HUGE Mia Michaels fan, and love Tice D'Orio. I love legit shows that take legit talent and show it off. We have several seasons still Tivo'd because I have so many "Favorite" moments. Glad I'm not alone!

  2. As a LOTR fan and a LeBron James fan, I think the nickname the Miami Nazgul is hysterical! Of course, by now, it's a little dated since King James and company now have the ring of power. But a good nickname is still a good nickname!