Monday, January 5, 2009

Running with Horses

Last evening I updated my Facebook status (something I try not to do too often – my daughters tell me too frequent updates are creepy).

Anyway I updated my status to read:

Doug is running with horses.

Fairly quickly I received three responses

I remember reading that book together (which brought a good memory)
It’s better than running with scissors.

Running with horses is an image from Jeremiah 12:5 (and the title of a book on Jeremiah written by Eugene Peterson).

"So, Jeremiah, if you're worn out in this footrace with men,
what makes you think you can race against horses?
And if you can't keep your wits during times of calm,
what's going to happen when troubles break loose like the Jordan in flood? (MSG)

Thanks (at least in part) to some unexpected affirmations as 2008 drew to a close I’ve begun 2009 with a real sense of enthusiasm and optimism.
It all has me thinking it’s going to be a year for running with horses. It won’t be easy (and those in my Cross Fit class might suggest I race a carousel horse) but it will be exhilarating.

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