Friday, January 9, 2009

Heard for the first time

I always try to note when I hear something for the first time – especially because it seems the longer I serve a church and get involved in people’s lives the more it feels like “I’ve heard it all.”

But this week I heard two things, for the first time – both related to relationships. It’s likely that since I am working on messages for the “Addicted to Love” series I’m more tuned in to love stories.

The first was a couple that told me about getting engaged at the mall (Memorial City Mall to be precise). He decided to propose at the mall (and on the day after Thanksgiving – the busiest shopping day of the year) because his fiancé spend so much time there.

He wants her to remember the proposal and figured it would be a spot she would pass by often. That’s romantic. I think, but it’s certainly a proposal story I’d never heard before.

Earlier in the week I was visiting a guy in the hospital and he shared with me how he and his girlfriend had met at dialysis (something they both require). That’s the first time I’ve heard of a couple meeting at dialysis. I kidded him that it seemed a bit unfair – she couldn’t exactly just walk away and she has to come back – but I really think it’s awesome.

Anyway, as I work on these messages about ways and places we look for love, now I have to include malls and dialysis centers.


  1. Malls and Dialysis? I'd be happy with convenient stores or a blood drive.

  2. I meant convenience stores.