Monday, January 12, 2009


One of the cultural phenomena I’ve avoided in recent years was 24. While all my friends are talking about the latest exploits of Jack Bauer I resisted – not that it didn’t sound appealing but because I could only handle so many television shows in my life.

As a new season of 24 approached my resolve began to weaken. Katelyn (our assistant high school director whose been living with our family) was recording last night’s season premiere. DVR does help me watch the shows more quickly – a point in favor of adding 24 to my lineup – but that became last night’s dinner conversation: could I add another show to my lineup?

Mostly because I sense that very few people actually read this blog I’ll go ahead and confess which shows I find to be my own version of “must see tv.”

First, though not a specific show, a certain amount of time is given each week to SportsCenter, various football or basketball games (mostly Orlando Magic and Clemson Tigers) and the Weather Channel (especially if there’s a front moving through – I have to watch the radar). Now for the weekly shows (and some of these are hard to admit):

The Office (I own a Dwight bobble-head and we even got The Office board game for Christmas)
Top Chef (I think this is Bravo’s best show ever – I’ve never missed a show in any season)
LOST (I actually watch it most week’s with a group of friends – we call ourselves Losties)
The Sarah Conner Chronicles (evidence of my inner geek)
Battlestar Gallactica (don’t judge until you’ve watched it – but I know, final confirmation of my inner geek).
Burn Notice (I am one of 12 people nationwide that even know this show exists).

There are other shows I might enjoy from time-to-time but those six are the lineup. The good news is that thanks to DVR I can watch all 5.5 hours of programming in whole lot less time – and on my schedule.

Anyway, after a family debate and review of the current lineup – it was decided that I could fit one more show into the schedule.

It’s amazing how easily I became hooked. 2 hours down 22 to go and the DVR is recording the next two hours even now.

So I better go see what Jack is up to….


  1. New episodes of Burn Notice Start Jan 22nd!!! Whoopie!!!

  2. no cable means I have to wait for bravo to put Top Chef online, loved the office on BBC but not too taken with the american version, if i didn't have distant family in it i wouldn't watch it. I spend more time with my Zune than the tv these days, love gotta love downloading a book and listening to it while stuck in the car, cooking or scrubbing the floor! Check it out.

  3. Rescue Me, Big Love, Dexter, Damages, Big Bang Theory, My Name is Earl, Desperate Housewives, Rules of Engagement, Samantha Who, Sarah Connor and 24 - DVR's are good.