Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wednesday Evening Q and A with the Pastor.

This Wednesday our service is going to be a bit different.  We are setting aside the hour as a chance to answer any questions you might have about Mountaintop – call it Wednesday Evening Q and A with the Pastor.

Last week we invited you to submit questions and you’ve begun to ask some great ones like:

How many full and part-time employees are on the church staff?

How is the financial health of the church?

Who won the Mountaintop March Madness Bracket?

Who picks the songs for Sunday morning?

What are we building in the east hallway of the church?

How can I sign up for the Men’s Retreat? (Don’t wait till Wednesday for an answer - just click on A Better Life.)

Who will replace Tajh Boyd as the starting quarterback at Clemson?

Wednesday evening at 6:30 we will be answering these and lots more of your questions.  If you have questions about Mountaintop this is a Wednesday you won’t want to miss.

We will answer submitted questions first and then (if time allows) take questions from the room so please send us your questions before Wednesday evening simply by replying to this post.  My goal is to be open and transparent about everything that we do and I love it when you ask questions – especially hard questions.

So send us some questions and we will see you on Wednesday evening at 6:30!

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