Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Best Easter Ever

Here are three things you can do to make this the best Easter ever.

Don’t rush to get to Sunday morning.  For most churches Easter Sunday is a high attendance day and that means we pull out our very best (which actually we try to do every Sunday) for those who may be attending for the first time.  At Mountaintop we have planned an incredible Easter Sunday that culminates with the celebration of 17 lives changed by the love of Jesus!  But the bright glory of Easter morning is even brighter when we spend time in the shadows of Thursday and the overwhelming darkness of Friday.  Tonight I will attend a Maundy Thursday service downtown at the Cathedral Church of the Advent (if you want high church done well trust the Episcopalians).  Tomorrow evening at Mountaintop we will have a Good Friday service that ends in darkness and Jesus’ cry from the cross.  The empty tomb is even more beautiful in contrast to the cross – so don’t rush to get to Sunday morning – join us 7:00 pm on Friday for a Good Friday Communion Service.

Pray.  Prayer is the engine that drives everything we do at Mountaintop.  Yesterday I passed along this thought to our staff from the Communications Director at West Ridge Church in Georgia:

“We’re focusing a lot on prayer. We often get so wrapped up in our own plans and ideas and here’s how we want it to go. But we know nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. So for us, even as a team, we’re trying to focus on that side of it too, and pray that God will use Easter services here and all over in a big way.”

I hope that you’ve been using this Week of Prayer to reflect on the events between Palm Sunday and Easter morning.  It’s a great way to prepare our heads and hearts for Easter. In my times of prayer this week I’ve been reminded of the power of the cross (the fact that we have a spotlight on a cross in the Sanctuary helped lead me there).   I hope God has been speaking to you in your times of prayer. And I hope you will join our staff in praying that God will use Mountaintop (and every church) in a big way this Easter.  Our future is dependent on prayer.

Extend an Invitation.  After His resurrection Jesus told His disciples to go and tell the world that a new creation has begun.  In that new world the motivating power is love – a strong, powerful, life-changing, life-directing love.  That’s good news we want to learn and share with everyone we can.  An invitation you extend just might change someone’s life for eternity.  So invite to someone to join us ay 9:30 or 11:15 Sunday morning and make this the best Easter ever!

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