Friday, February 14, 2014

Which Poorly Taxidermied Animal Are You?

Thank you BUZZ FEED

If you are on Facebook (and my guess is that you are) perhaps your Facebook Friends are doing what it seems all mine are doing and finding out who they really are – or at least who they should be.

Thanks to Buzz Feed Quizzes (I made that a link so you can check this out for yourself) finding your true identity doesn’t require a great deal of refection – instead simply take one of the “who knows how many” online quizzes and find the answer to:

What Kind of Tattoo You Should Get? Evidently I should get sleeves, aka ALL THE TATTOOS. Which Poorly Taxidermied Animal Are You?  I just couldn’t convince myself to take this quiz, or this one: Which Spice Girl Are You? 

But I did discover that the state I really should live in is Pennsylvania – which is odd because the city I am supposed to live in is Portland.  For a career I should be a writer.  If I were a dog I’d be a Great Dane.  If I were in a classic rock band it would be Led Zeppelin.  Mushu is my best Disney friend.  My parenting style is effortlessly cool and the musical I should star in is Oklahoma (which really upset me because I wanted Pippin or Wicked).

The popularity of these quizzes does make me wonder if this is all just a little fun distraction (which it can be) or if it’s a sign of a deeper hunger to know who we really are.  Have we become so confused about our identity that we will try everything – including a quiz to find out: Which Vladimir Putin Are You?

It also makes me wonder what might happen if we spent less time taking Buzz Feed quizzes on who, what and where we should be, do and live and more time simply being, doing and living where we are.   But first I need to spend some time reflecting on the fact that when I took the quiz on Which Font Are You? My answer came out: Futura.  I always saw myself as Optima.

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