Friday, October 5, 2012

Journal Notes from Catalyst Day 2

Among the highlights of Catalyst Day 2 were:  Kid President (you have to go watch his YouTube videos) and the music of JohnnySwim and Gungor (and if you don’t know either go to iTunes and download).

Along the way Chris Seay, Andy Stanley, Patrick Lencioni, Perry Noble, Bryan Stevenson, Mark Burnett, Christine Caine and Francis Chan were brilliant (and Tripp and Tyler pretty funny).  Here’s a sample of what made it into my journal on Day 2.

Genesis 1 reminds us that we were made to make (create) not to consume.

As soon as we arrive at cool the line moves and you aren’t cool anymore.

Information and insight do not make a leader.  What every leader needs are an unexpected opportunity, unavoidable adversity and an unquestionable calling.  How you respond to the opportunity, adversity and calling determines whether or not you are a leader.

Leaders seize opportunities even if it means leaving the known for the unknown.

Make your response to an unexpected opportunity, unavoidable adversity and an unquestionable calling a story worth telling.

The greatest thing you do as a leader may not be what you do but who watches what you do.

Actions don’t only speak louder than words, they echo into future generations.

Influence is more important than positions or titles.

It’s better to make a difference that to make a point.

Pay attention to the tension in life.  That’s where God stirs our hearts and shakes our categories.

Move toward messes with the gospel of grace and truth.

Whenever we sing “Just As I Am” we should mean it (for everyone).

When you are an open-handed leader God will place things in your hands, but He will make you a leader when He starts taking things out.

People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.

Organizational health is our greatest, and too often untapped, advantage.

Simple solutions require humility to practice.

To be successful you must be smart AND healthy.

Your staff should be able to imitate you.

Wine is the great elixir of truth.

If you can’t trust people, manage them off the team.

The leader has to be vulnerable FIRST.

The best leaders let others “see them sweat” and proudly show the “sweat stains.”

People will walk through fire for a leader they trust.

Embrace conflict.

Conflict with trust is the pursuit of truth.  Conflict without trust is politics.

We owe it to one another to disagree.

When we don’t disagree around an issue it ferments around the person and that’s destructive.

We crush someone’s spirit when we won’t disagree with his or her idea.

Great teams hold each other accountable.  They don’t go to the leader all the time.

Firing someone is the last act of cowardice.

The technical term for a leader who won’t hold someone accountable = wuss.

We avoid accountability not because we don’t want someone to feel bad, we don’t want him or her to blame us for making him or her feel bad.

You don’t change the world with the ideas in your mind.  You change the world with the convictions in your heart.

Too many people are living with a profound absence of hope.

We are all more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

The opposite of poverty is justice.  The opposite of poverty is enough.

It takes courage to embrace the broken instead of the comfortable.

In a world where too many people are willing to “cast the first stone” there is a need for “stone catchers.”

No mater what I do I can’t make all the people happy – read the Bible – neither could God.

When we stop screaming at the world to “discover me” and start asking God to “develop me” we begin the journey from here to there.

It’s okay to never get noticed.

David didn’t use his anointing as an excuse not to go through the process of leadership – or to not have to carry the cheese and bread.

If you are gifted don’t tell us, show us.

The next time you think the task you are asked to perform in ridiculous – remember what Saul asked David to bring him from the Philistines.

Most of us are getting paid to do what traditionally people gave their lives to do.

God won’t trust us with greater things unless we are faithful with what we are doing now.

When someone throws a spear at you – its time to go.

1 Samuel 22: 1 is the prefect description of a church plant (or any church).  Look it up!

With ordinary people Jesus began a movement that is still moving today.

The deepest wounds lead us to empty tombs.

If you need to be certain you’ll never do anything.

If you start walking down the street announcing a parade – you might start one.

The key to story telling is to remember that everyone connects with an authentic moment.

Always ask if this is for me or for Jesus.

Read Judges 2: 10 and remember how quickly it can all fall apart.

If you don’t honor those who came before you, you will forget about those who come behind you.

The last thing the Body of Christ needs is another wounded healer putting his or her junk on someone else.

Nothing can kill you quicker than a spotlight.

Most “suddenlys” in the Bible took about 25 years.

It is better to be marked by God than marketed by man.

Get off Facebook and get your face in THE BOOK.

Your talent will open the door but only your character will keep you in the room.

There’s really only one love language – to die to self and pray “nevertheless….”

If God puts you somewhere its His responsibility to keep you there.  If you make your own destiny then its up to you.

If it’s not about the numbers then how come everybody is counting?

Before you go and make disciples examine your own life and ask if it’s a life that should be replicated.

Does my life remind anyone of Jesus? Can I say follow me as I follow Jesus?

It’s easier to make friends at church than to go out and make disciples.

Jesus sent us to go and make disciples but we like to sit and make excuses.

When we get scared and need more boldness we need to pray. When the early church did this the ground shook!

Pray for power and courage.

And then take a look at Kid President and don't join a party - be a party!

And now it's time for Day 3!

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