Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Journal Notes for Catalyst 2012 Day 1

Below are my journal notes from Day 1 of Catalyst 2012 – lots of thought provoking presentations - especially loved (Perry Noble, Bob Goff, Mark Batterson and Bobby Gruenewald).  These are from the notes I took - some are statements I agree with completely - all are statements that make me think - and that's why I am here. 

The temptation is to study what “use to work” when we need to step toward where God wants us to go.

A leader who will take God at His word is a dangerous leader.

Steps of faith never get smaller - they only get bigger.

We know God is with us when we have an increased desperation for His word, increased love for people (especially messy people) and increased love for the vision.

If there’s a resume on your computer – use it…

Too many churches are enslaved to the personal preferences of out-of-touch leaders.

The purpose of the church isn’t for everybody to know everybody but for everybody to know Jesus.

If you aren’t excited… something is wrong.  If you have to manufacture energy… something is wrong.

If you don’t have someone mad at you, you aren’t leading well.

We have carpeted and air conditioned churches to make something that’s supposed to be messy, comfortable.

Quit something every Thursday.

If you “cleared the deck” and started adding things back – what would be number 7 on the list?

Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.

No one has cancer when they are talking on a walkie-talkie.

God is a creator not an editor.

Never give a girl a daisy unless it has exactly three petals left.

Everybody wants to make a difference but no one wants to be different.

Love God.  Love People.  Do Stuff.

God has determined that certain expressions of His power will only be revealed through prayer.

The one thing a leader can never delegate is prayer.

Prayer is the difference between the best you can be and the best God can do.

Sometimes God shows up.  Sometimes God shows off.

We want God to do something new while we keep doing the same old thing.

Stay humble.  Stay hungry.  If you aren’t hungry for God you are full of yourself.

You may have to risk your reputation to establish God’s reputation.

What if we were known by the problems we solve?

Do we plant churches where we can grow the bigger churches or where people need the church?

Help others not to offer charity but dignity.

We are good at binding up the brokenhearted.  What do we do with ordinary-hearted?

Embrace the inconvenience of crossing the street.

The degree to which you are willing to be interrupted or inconvenienced is the degree to which God can use you.

The job description for each follower of Jesus:  “I’m personally responsible for the evangelism of the planet before the second coming of Christ.”

Think inside the box.  Constraints are a requirement for innovation and limited resources are an ingredient for creativity.  Embrace constraints.

Limited resources + passion = innovation.

Regularly exercise your change muscles.

Failure is a requirement for innovation.

I can hardly wait for Day 2!

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