Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sharing Good Advice

One of my favorite bloggers is Carey Nieuwhof.  Today he posted a great blog for starting 2012 that I’ve “cut and paste” to share here.  I love what he’s suggesting and I love that he has 21 items.  21 is my favorite number.  It’s 3 times 7 and the number of my favorite NASCAR driver from the 70’s (NASCAR fan was a phase I went through in middle school).  Anyone know the driver’s name?

Anyway, here are Carey’s 21  Random Ways to Make 2012 a Better Year:

1.  Believe the best about people. Make trust your default, not suspicion.
2.  Be on time. Great leaders are rarely late.
3.  Under promise and over deliver. Our tendency is to do the opposite.

4.  Stop blaming people. Just stop.  Your will start taking responsibility for yourself as a result.
5. Pray for your enemies. You will forgive them…and they will not be your enemies for long.
6.  Review the week ahead on Sunday night for ten minutes. Monday won’t seem nearly as intimidating
7.  Get up earlier. The early bird actually usually does get the worm.
8. Go to bed earlier. Stop falling asleep on the couch.
9.  Read the bible. Read at least 3 verses of scripture every morning, more if you’re up to it.
10. Never say “I don’t have the time.” Instead, say “I’m not going to make the time.”   It will change how you see time…and priorities.
11.  Smile. Most people look moderately unhappy most of the time.
12.  Clean your personal space. A clean desk, car or office makes you feel better about yourself.
13.  Give 10%.  Give away the first tenth of everything you make.  You’ll be surprised at how liberating this is.
14.  Pay cash (as in bills in your wallet) for discretionary items. You will spend less and save more.
15.  Exercise.  Enough said.  Just get moving.
16.  Do something for yourself everyday. People who care for themselves are better at caring for others.
17.  Read outside your area of interest. Apps like Zite and Flipboard even make this so easy.
18.  Automate what’s important. Schedule appointments with yourself for what matters.  Automatically take savings and givings out of your bank accounts.
19. Serve somewhere. People who serve others live longer and are happier.
20.  Show up prepared. Whether it’s a meeting or simply coming home, prepare yourself before you show up.
21.  Play. Most of us have forgotten how to play.  Rediscover it.
What would you add to this list?  What’s helped you the most?


  1. Travel. God created a big beautiful world. Get out there and see it!

  2. Just follow God wherever He leads. You can't go wrong if you do.