Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Six Word Memoirs

Last year I posted a blog about a literary phenomena that's been around for a couple of years known as Six Word Memoirs. Several volumes of six word memoirs have been published and there are web sites devoted to sharing the stories.

Here’s the basic idea – using a minimum and a maximum of six words, tell your life’s story.  A classic example would be:

For sale: wedding dress, never worn.

The imagination can run with that one, but you get the picture – a lot can be conveyed with just six words. Here are a few other examples:

Voted most likely to succeed. Didn’t.

I’ll follow you anywhere, even Kansas

Fell seven times. Stood up eight.

Not quite what I was planning

It all changed in an instant

Dancing through life in sensible shoes

So, if you were to write your own six word story – what six words would you chose?