Monday, March 29, 2010

Six Words

Recently I’ve become fascinated with a literary phenomena that's been around for a couple of years known as Six Word Memoirs. Several volumes of six word memoirs have been published and there are web sites devoted to sharing six words – and only six words.

Here’s the basic idea – using a minimum of six words tell a story – for six word memoirs tell your story. A classic example would be:

For sale: wedding dress, never worn.

The imagination can run with that one for awhile but you get the picture – a lot can be conveyed with just six words. Here are a few actual examples:

Voted most likely to succeed. Didn’t.

I’ll follow you anywhere, even Kansas

Fell seven times. Stood up eight.

Not quite what I was planning

It all changed in an instant

Dancing through life in sensible shoes

A friend of mine recently posted a blog (wait for it...wait for it...)suggesting that we evaluate worship each week with six word sentences. I thought about it but I’m worried there would be too many:

No idea where he was going….

But as I’ve been preparing an Easter message I’ve been thinking that a great six word story would be

The stone has been rolled away.

An even better story only takes three words:

He is Risen!

If you were to write your own six word memoir – what words might you chose?

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