Saturday, March 20, 2010

After Ollie makes the second shot….

I've been fighting a nasty head cold and allergies so I haven't been posting much this week but I did have a few thoughts for tomorrow message.

Earlier this week a facebook friend suggested to post as your status a quote from a favorite movie and then have people try and guess the quote.

For me that was an choice between my two favorite lines in my two favorite movies.

In The Sound of Music (it’s a classic) there’s this great moment after the children have sung “good night” with so long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye and Captain von Trapp is being congratulated by Herr Zeller

Herr Zeller: Perhaps those who would warn you that the Anschluss is coming - and it is coming, Captain - perhaps they would get further with you by setting their words to music.
Captain von Trapp: If the Nazis take over Austria, I have no doubt, Herr Zeller, that you will be the entire trumpet section.
Herr Zeller: You flatter me, Captain.
Captain von Trapp: Oh, how clumsy of me - I meant to accuse you.

I just love that - Oh, how clumsy of me - I meant to accuse you.

But the second choice (and the one I decided to post) is from the greatest sports movie of all time, Hoosiers.

With the game on the line, down by one, the team/s worst player, Ollie has two free throws (and he’s just thrown up air balls on his previous attempts). During the time out Coach Dale looks at the team and says:

After Ollie makes the second shot (and then turning to Ollie) and you will make the second shot……

It’s my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies. I’ve used it too many times when teaching on leadership to talk about the power of believing in every member of the team.

There is power in believing – but we spend a lot of time struggling with unbelief.

That’s the topic I am speaking on in the morning and one I’ve been reflecting on all week (reflecting as I’ve been battling this head cold and some nasty allergies). Tomorrow e are going to hear another of my all time favorite stories – one found in Mark 9 about a dad who brings his sick son to Jesus. The pivotal moment comes when the dad (with clearly less that perfect confidence) asks Jesus IF He can do anything for his son.

I understand adding the "if." My world is filled with “ifs.” I might have told the team “If Ollie happens to hit the second shot….” Even my prayers are just as filled with “ifs.” I understand this dad asking “if…..”

I suspect there are “ifs” in your life too. What “if” we did what this dad did and brought our “ifs” to Jesus? We might find that He believes in us even more than Coach Dale believed in Ollie.

Anyway that's the topic for tomorrow morning - and I think I'm about over this cold!

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