Monday, February 1, 2010

Extreme Living

Last week I posted a blog about people that participate in Extreme Ironing - taking the rather mundane task of ironing to the extreme by doing it in exotic, remote, and sometimes dangerous locations.

When I saw the pictures I had to laugh, but I also started thinking about other ways people find to live their lives to the extreme. With a good internet connection it wasn't hard to come up with a few:

Car refinishing - why just add some new paint or wheels when you can really do it up right? For example, how would you combine a love of cats and a passion for rebuilding VW Bugs?

Collecting - we all know someone that has a prized collection of something, but until today I didn't know it was possible for such effort to go into the accumulation of twine.

Team Sports - if you thought Extreme Ironing was the ultimate thrill check out Extreme Cello Playing - made all the more exciting when engaged in as a team working together in perfect harmony.

All of these people pursing extreme activities have something in common - they have figured out ways that they can live life to the fullest - ways that may or may not appeal to us, but ways that have meaning for them.

How many of us have the same attitude about life, especially our life with God?

How can we take our passion for God to the extreme?

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