Friday, January 1, 2010

First post for 2010

Last week I asked friends to suggest New Year’s resolutions I might consider as we begin a new decade. Their suggestions included:

· Write an actual letter each week to a friend

· Stay away from facebook (ironically posted on facebook by a childhood friend I only communicate with via facebook)

· Cut out all sugar drinks and snacks. Treadmill/elliptical 3 miles every other day.

· Write a sermon that ties together St. Thomas Aquinas, The Office and Van Halen in the space of two paragraphs (this is a challenge worth considering)

· Greet your assistant with a smile and a Starbucks every morning. (suggested of course by my Starbucks addicted assistant)

I think I’ll continue to work on a few resolutions of my own (Though the St. Thomas/Office?Van Halen sermon is tempting).

One resolution I’m sure will make my final list is a commitment to more faithful engagement to social networking.

A blog post on 01.01.10 is a good start…


  1. What a coincidence! Scott just gave a sermon on Cardinal Newman, Deal or No Deal, and Bon Jovi that you could adapt. Ha ha.

  2. Scott's always been such a 80's rock ballad sort of guy that I bet it came easy for him to work Bon Jovi in...