Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pray Expectantly - this Sunday at Mountaintop

This Sunday we conclude our Knocking On Heaven’s Door series (and I believe the band is ready with that song).  My prayer is that over the last few weeks you have learned to pray more boldly, more persistently and when the odds seemed stacked against you.  This Sunday we are going to be considering what it means to pray with expectancy.  You might read Acts 12: 1 – 17 to help you prepare for worship.

Because prayer is the engine that drives our church and our lives and because our future is dependent on prayer we need to continue to devote ourselves to prayer.  Here are a few ways you can continue to knock on Heaven’s Door.

Sunday Mornings
Each Sunday morning a prayer group meets at 8:30 in the Atrium to pray for the needs of the church, the church service and the person speaking that day.  All are welcome to join the group.  Following each worship service, members of our Prayer Team are available in the Prayer Corner to pray with anyone who has a need.

Weeks of Prayer
Each January and August we begin the year (and the program year) with a Week of Prayer.  We meet Monday – Saturday from 6:00 – 7:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary to pray for provision, protection, vision, courage and unity.

Prayer Team
Sign up to serve on our prayer teams at the iServe booth.  Our Email Prayer Team receives all emailed prayer requests and prays over them from home.  Our Prayer Note writers compose prayers for those requesting prayer.

Submitting a Prayer Request
Submit a prayer request using the Welcome Cards, by emailing, or by calling the church office at 205.776.8020.

Our Prayer series is concluding but not our prayers – so each and every day – let us pray boldly, persistently, against all odds and with expectancy of the amazing things God is going to do!

PS – There’s just over a week remaining until it’s time to Punk Our Trunks.  Rumors are circulating that the Mountaintop staff are practicing for another flash mob dance that involves jumping, shouting and shaking bodies down to the ground.  Find our how you can be a part of making this a fantastic event at Punk Your Trunk

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