Monday, July 29, 2013

How would you describe our church in 3 words or less?

Last week I read a great blog post by Rich Birch at UnSeminary about how churches use social media like Facebook.  Rich asked us to imagine a friend that just constantly talks about themselves and never stops to engage in a dialogue. That’s what a lot of churches act like on their Facebook wall because all they ever do is advertise the next upcoming event or service that’s going on.  Ouch! 

Rich offered a series of questions to post on Facebook to encourage dialogue and engagement.  I tried one on Saturday and loved the responses.

How would you describe our church in 3 words or less?
  • Open to all! 
  • "Totally spiritually connected" :-)
  •  No ties required!  
  • Worship without worries!
  • All are welcome!
  • Authentic...diverse...welcoming
  • inviting and exciting!
  • sharing His love!
  • Gift from God!
  • Caring, fun, ministry
  • Exampling better way.....;-)
  • Feels like home
  • Better than chocolate!
  • Always Christ focused
  • HOME
  • Real
  • Preview of Heaven
  • Christ-centered community
  • Welcoming - realistic- comforting
  • Authentic.   Warm.    Loving.
  • Jesus Freaks Everywhere
  • Blessed
  • Family
  • God Always is there!
  • Non-denominational WARM WELCOMING
  • God is there!!
  • God's Open Door
  • Home
  • Accepting of everyone :)
  • Heaven! (all races under one umbrella with the one goal in mind)
  • All about Jesus
  • Friendly organized and praising
  • Fantastically awesome!!! :)
  • Changed Lives - It is really striking to have someone you think really has it together share their "before" story. Since I've already exceeded the word limit, I'll add that I love seeing adults in the baptistry. Baptizing kids is good, but baptizing an adult means a life has gotten back on course.

 What three words would you add?

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  1. A few great additions from our staff and leaders:

    Family, Seeking, Missional
    Real, life changing!!
    Living His Way
    Life Changing Experience
    My Rock….Authentic
    Real, relevant, biblical
    Casual excellence. United in diversity.
    beLIeVING God's word
    Teaching. Loving. Learning.