Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I get to work at the best church in the world

Yesterday was my last Leadership Vestavia Hills class (we graduate next month) and the focus was education.  We had a fascinating conversations with State Superintendent, Thomas Bice, which gave me greater understanding of the news out of Montgomery that is making the headlines this week.  When then toured 4 schools in Vestavia Hills and I was reminded what an amazing community we serve.

Without question the highlight of the day was the tour of Pizitz Middle School led by the principal David MilesSince my dad was a middle school principal I am a little biased toward middle school principals and perhaps that’s part of why I instantly became a fan of Principal Miles.  As soon as he began to speak it was clear that he loves the school, he loves the kids, he’s devoted to the school’s success and (and this was the highlight) he is absolutely convinced that he is the principal of THE BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL IN AMERCIA.  In fact he made that statement over and over again and challenged us to “google it” and see if he’s right (mixed results when I did). He doesn’t take credit for being the best – he is quick to give credit to the teachers and the students – but there is no question that in his mind that when we walks through the doors each morning he is walking in THE BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL IN AMERICA and then he spends every bit of everything he has making sure it stays that way.

That’s inspiring.

Afterwards I began to wonder what if we approached everything we did or belonged to that way – our families, teams, jobs, and friendships, even churches.  What if everyone one of us woke up each morning with the attitude that I get to go (which is very different that I have to go) to work at THE BEST ______________________ IN THE WORLD and then devoted ourselves to making that attitude a reality in everything we do?  I convinced it would transform our families, teams, workplaces, relationship and even our churches.

I love the way Geoff Surratt describes that sort of church in his book Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches From Growing as he asks:

Does everything you do on a Sunday morning bring honor to God?  Would He be proud of the way your building looks when He drives into the parking lot?  Is your music something that brings joy to His heart if He was sitting on the front row?  What would He say about the sermon you preached last weekend? Would God say, “Wow, he really did everything he possibly could to build my reputation through that message.”  If God brought His friends to church, would He be proud to show them what you are doing to bring glory to His name?  Does God brag about your church to the angels?

Because he’s convinced that he serves THE BEST MIDDLE SCHOOL IN AMERICA Principal Miles brags about the school to anyone who will give him even half a chance.  I am convinced that I serve THE BEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD and with THE BEST STAFF EVER ASSEMBLED  – and I need to brag about that a bit more (so I am writing this post)!  I am committed to making sure that is always who we are at Mountaintop so that everything we do might bring glory to God and help people learn and share a better way to live!

So what would it look like it tomorrow morning you got to go to work at the best ______________ in the world?

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