Saturday, April 28, 2012

Three Wolves and a Moon

The 2012 Orange Conference – which wrapped up yesterday – was inspiring, challenging and refreshing.  Each year I am glad that I invested the time to be a part of this continuing conversation on how to reach a next generation.

There are lots of important thoughts I could post from the wisdom I gained from leaders such as Andy Stanley, Craig Groschel and Jeff Henderson – but before I do I thought I’d post a blog on the amazing Three Wolves and a Moon T-Shirt.

Before Orange 21012 I was clueless about the power of the Three Wolves and a Moon T-Shirt – but now I have achieved enlightenment.  My shirt is on order so I’ve yet to have a personal testimony – but I can point you to the more than 2,000 testimonies posted as user reviews on Amazon.  Before reading any further spend a few minutes reading some of the testimonials by clicking: Three Wolves and  a Moon Testimonies.

Amazing isn’t it?

Now whether or not you agree with the dubious mystical powers of a shirt to make you fly and grow bones (among other things) we can all agree on the power of social media.  The Three Wolves and a Moon T-Shirt has to be one of the ugliest fashion statements ever made.  Stacy and Clinton (What Not To Wear) would surely toss this shirt aside (with a few witty comments).  But because social media has an amazing power to go viral this shirt has exploded.  Be honest – if you read the reviews you are a little tempted to order one right now aren’t you.

Go ahead – but beware of the awesome powers of the Three Wolves and a Moon T-Shirt.

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